3d lenticular (paintings I )

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3d Services

I can offer you high quality sterescopic 3d rendering services with my own stereoscopic 2d to 3d conversion method.
I can make your photographs, logos, ilustrations, graphic designs, drawings or paintings come to life in a real and amazing tridimensional effect.

2d to 3d conversion for lenticular prints:

I can create, with my own lenticular 2d/3d conversion method,1 to 100 intermediate frames ( or points of view) between the extreme stereopair, in order to achieve a very high quality stereoscopic lenticular print.


This is a 28 frames sample I converted to 3d from a Vermeer 's painting: "Woman reading a letter". The animated sequence allows to see,(or imagine) the 3d effect in the computer screen.

(All these 3d conversions in this Site are protected under international Copyright laws.)

Please, contact me for any doubt about my 2d to 3d conversion services.